Personal Exercise Programs

Dr. Cheema has the expertise to develop effective exercise programs to suit your needs and goals.  All programs involve a holistic, lifestyle-based approach and are developed with your full participation (i.e. client-centered) considering all of your responsibilities in your life, including work and family.   Programs are designed to be safe, practical and sustainable (i.e. undertaken on your own or with close friends and family).  Your personal program can also be supplemented with personal or group-based training sessions with Dr. Cheema.   

You will see results within 6-weeks time, even if you implement 75% of what has been outlined for you.

Consultations for personal exercise programs can be provided at the Campbelltown or Austinmer.  Further information about these consultations is provided below.

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Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.

— Plato

initial Consultation

In the initial consultation, we will have a detailed discussion about your medical history (injuries, surgeries, chronic conditions, symptoms, etc.), current health status and activity level, diet and sleep patterns, life roles and responsibilities, opportunities for physical activity, and goals.  Dr. Cheema will utilize this information to prepare a written exercise program for you for an initial six week period. 


Second Consultation & Follow up

Your six-week program will be discussed in detail and with step-by-step instruction in the second consultation.  Your program will include specific goals, a concise exercise program including cardiovascular and musculoskeletal exercises (with instruction guide and log-book), daily and leisure time activities, basic diet and sleep recommendations, and a rewards system.

In follow-up consultations we will evaluate goal outcomes and adapt the program to ensure continued improvement long-term.


Fee Schedule

Initial Consult (1 hr approx.):  $150

Second and Follow-up Consults (45 min approx):  $100



Rebates for exercise physiology consultations are available through most private health funds.

Medicare and DVA rebates apply to clients who have been referred by their GP under the appropriate medical scheme.