Rising to the Challenge - The Transformational Power of Exercise


Dr. Bobby Cheema (PhD) has studied and applied holistic exercise and lifestyle practices for over 25 years in people affected with chronic diseases to elite athletes. He is a maverick in his field, constantly thinking ‘outside the box’ and questioning mainstream paradigms. He is known for delivering insightful and inspirational talks on exercise and human potential.

Dr. Cheema is fully aware of the transformative power of exercise. Accordingly, his professional mission is to use his knowledge to help individuals reach toward their highest health and performance potential so they can live life to the fullest and be of highest service to their family and broader community.

Speaking and corporate inquiries: drbobbycheema@gmail.com


Lectures and Presentations

Dr. Cheema routinely delivers lectures and presentations to health professionals, university students and the public on exercise and health topics.

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Corporate Exercise Programs

Looking to boost the fitness, mental health, work performance and productivity of you and your staff?  Dr. Cheema can design and implement your worksite exercise program.

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Life is simply a projection of the journey within.
— Dr. Bobby Cheema, PhD